Special Event

Cinema By the Bay

Nov 11, 2012   2–4pm
Offsite: SF
Admission $13
To purchase visit sffs.org/Exhibition

Headlands takes part in the San Francisco Film Society’s Cinema By the Bay festival. Drawing on Headlands’ 30-year history of supporting film, video, and new-media artists, this evening’s program Moving Image at the End of the World showcases a compilation of moving-image works by Headlands Alumni.

The event takes place offsite at New People Cinema in San Francisco. Click here for directions. Click here to purchase tickets.

Films Included:

Beatles Über California, Kota Ezawa (AIR ’11)
The British Invasion returns by lip-syncing Dead Kennedy’s iconic punk tune.

Elowah, Keith Evans (AIR ’98, AFF ’99) and Loren Chasse
Godhead in a waterfall, commemorating a wedding that is more than just a life cycle event.

The Fog, Sam Green (AIR ’02) (excerpt)
A work in progress by Oscar-nominated filmmaker of The Weather Underground focuses on the mistiest parts of San Francisco.

Madame and Little Boy, Magnus Bärtas (AIR ’07)
This short featuring Will Oldham explores the Cold War era through parallel cultures that might otherwise never be seen to converge: Headlands’ former Nuclear Missile Site vs. North Korean film stars held hostage.

Red Green Blue, Bonnie Begusch (AIR ’12)
Animated typographic patterns generate alternate realities of perception in multiple dimensions.

Reifying Desire 3, Jacolby Satterwhite (AIR ’12)
A non-stop spontaneous house party dance meets St. Thomas to yield the birth of something extraordinary as the agony and ectasies of the human body are transmogrified in virtual space.

Soft Materials, Daria Martin (AIR ’09)
A fine-focused exploration of naked human bodies in motion as they get to know pre-cybernetic machinery—the beginning and end of unfamiliar ages?

Sunset Scavenger, Bill Daniel (AIR ’99) (excerpt)
Handheld glimpses of life on the edge of a disappearing city in stark and beautiful black and white.

*Co-presented with the San Francisco Film Society, sffs.org.