ChimaTEK™: Saya Woolfalk

Sep 4, 2014   6–9pm
Free with museum admission
($5 after 5PM)

ChimaTEK™: Hybridity Visualization Mandala

In conjunction with the Asian Art Museum’s Enter the Mandala: Cosmic Centers and Mental Maps of Himalayan Buddhism exhibition, Headlands and the museum present a new performance piece by artist Saya Woolfalk (AIR’14). Woolfalk’s work encompasses sculpture, textiles, painting, video and performance art while drawing from anthropology, mythology and science fiction to explore notions of hybridity and utopia. ChimaTEK™ will incorporate an original soundtrack composed by Paul D. Miller, a.k.a. DJ Spooky that Subliminal Kid, and will feature the Empathics, a fictional group of women who physically and culturally metamorphose into a fusion of animal and plant. Performance is offsite at the Asian Art Museum and will be ongoing throughout the evening.

ChimaTEK™ is co-presented with the Asian Art Museum.