Will Rogan

Artist in Residence, 2017
Affiliate, 2018 - 2019

Artist Statement

Being in a position of learning while making is the goal. I have always been a fan of the moment of creation. Putting finished work into the world is not as interesting to me as the shifting object, coming into its own, through one’s attention. This is the moment I live for.

Thematically I find myself drawn to (over and over again):

– time (through cameras and clocks and the sun)
– everyday objects (that tell the story of larger things)
– materiality (as a physical reminder of our connection in space)
– objects histories (narratives which are carried by everything around us)

While at Headlands

I plan to work on a body of work that is thematically concerned with the nature of human connection and individual isolation. The work grows out of a frustration with the current social condition as dictated by technology and population growth. This is the starting point. From there it gets more complicated. My artwork generally starts in one place and gets sidetracked by other more pressing unknowns. I am excited for this process to take place in such a beautiful location. The materials I plan to work with on this project consist of ceramic pots that have been buried in the ocean, limestone, hand cut wooden grids, hammered brass faces, black paint, hemp, clock chain, and dirt.