Will Brown

Artist in Residence, 2013

Artist Statement

Will Brown is a collaborative project based in a storefront space in San Francisco’s Mission District. Our main objective is to manipulate structures of exhibition-making as a critical practice. Will Brown is Lindsey White, Jordan Stein, and David Kasprzak.

While at Headlands

Will Brown will use the Project Space as a backdrop and stage from which to develop an exhibition and related programming. Visitors to the Will Brown Project Space will encounter the results of a visually robust research and exhibition design process, such as meeting notes, sketches, floor plans, models, mock installations, running title and concept lists, and reference images. In parallel with this process, Will Brown will present a gift shop, library, and miscellaneous happenings. Additionally Will Brown will host Colpa Press as an Artist in Residence in its Mission District storefront space for the month of April.