skyscraper next to someone holding a plant, both the color blue

Weston Teruya, still from "Expansion (," 2019; video; 4:43

Weston Teruya

Artist Statement

I am an artist and cultural organizer who moves between individual and collective modes of practice to explore personal and community responses to inequity and fragmentation, with listening and inquiry as the starting point for creative reflection and making. My collaborative projects are often more outwardly discursive, utilizing a mixture of curatorial tactics, engagement, and direct address. In my individual work, I draw on the interplay of research and material exploration to create sculptural installations–often from a variety of paper-based media. In those sculptures, I examine the social dynamics, textures, and histories of specific sites and communities. In building the work, I often utilize elements from social and archival research, creative exchange, and site observation to look at the stories and forces that have shaped our contemporary landscape. 


While at Headlands

During my time at Headlands, I will begin research and development for a new body of work exploring islands–and the ocean and air between them–in history and speculative fictions as sites of anti-imperial resistance, cross-cultural traffic, environmental richness and tumult, and bearers of embedded and living memory. I will draw on readings, film, archival research, material experimentation, and the ocean shores, across which my family and roots live, in Pacific archipelagos.