The people wearing jerseys.

Tina Satter

Artist in Residence, 2015

Artist Statement

I write and direct plays, performances, and videos. I think of the projects I make as performative laboratories to deconstruct the preconceived, and am particularly interested in feminist and queer dynamics. I often set my work among groups of people their attempts to connect with others. Original music and a very stylized approach to design elements are created for each piece. A central tenet of my practice is the re-framing of known idioms and situations usually presented to us on stage. I’m always trying to convey and show the edges, the corners, the underneath of moments and emotions and desires—and I’m truly experimenting with how to make that happen in subversive ways that still allow for a beauty and theatricality that could ignite a heartbeat, or frame a feeling.

While At Headlands

My main work at Headlands will be on GHOST RINGS, a music piece I’ve been developing between other projects with composer Chris Giarmo and performers/singers Erin Markey and Kristen Sieh, who play two sisters (and their spirit animal companions) who push each other to the darkest edges of what they know. Completing the script and design ideas for GHOST RINGS would be the goal of my time at Headlands, as it will likely premiere in the end of 2015 or 2016. Additionally, the time and space to reflect and thoughtfully take stock of my art practice and career is vital to me at this point after creating a lot of work and touring over the last several years. Taking a moment to work—and to breathe—outside of NYC in the Headlands environment and in dialogue with artists outside my immediate circle is an incredible opportunity at this time.

Selected Video

House of Dance excerpt from Half Straddle on Vimeo.

Seagull (Thinking of you) excerpt from Half Straddle on Vimeo.