A rock band enriched by roller skaters and balloons.

Ted Passon

Film/Video/New Media
Artist in Residence, 2016

Artist Statement

I’m really interested in the ways people take the world around them and try to make it into the world they’d like it to be. In the stories that interest me, people are complicated participants, making decisions in the context of their life experience, and shaping the world around them based on how they understand it to be. I believe that at the heart of changing the world is the struggle around having a relationship with others. I’m interested in understanding difficulty of creating and maintaining relationships between people as well as finding and imagining visions of a utopian closeness.

While At Headlands

I’m using my time at Headlands to lay the groundwork for new projects. I’ve been working on a large episodic documentary project for the past few years, which is still in production, and I’ll be using this break to focus on developing a new narrative project. I’m really excited to shift gears and dedicate myself to writing and developing new ideas. Most of my work is made around the schedule of my normal life, which includes a lot of time spent on commercial projects. I’m excited to have this new routine, free of commercial work, and to see how it will impact me after I leave.

Selected Video

Dr. Dog: “Shadow People” Music Video, 2009; HD Video.

“Through the Lens of Zoe Strauss”, 2010; HD Video.

“Space 1026”, installation, 2008; Video/16mm/Super8mm.