Takming Chuang

Graduate Fellowships, 2017
Affiliate, 2018 - 2019
Affiliate, 2019 - 2020
University of California, Berkeley

Artist Statement

Contained within a plastic skin, my clay sculptures emulate the body as they physically age over time. Their supple forms slowly wrinkle, blister, shrink, discolor, and eventually harden. They serve as models to critically consider the correlation between change and value, of bodies as well as art objects. I am especially interested in the parallel between bodily preservation (anti-aging & gym culture) and art conservation. Both hint at social and economic values that motivate the allocation of time and resources to oppose the inevitable trajectory toward decay.

While at Headlands

The restored buildings of Fort Barry, reincarnated to support the arts, show an appreciation for the passage of time while the surrounding land is safeguarded by the National Park Service. There are multi-layered textures at Headlands to consider the role of conservation within its inconstant landscape.

Above: Takming Chuang, Sarcophagus, 2018; unfired clay, plastic wrap; 7.5 x 50 x 20 in.; © Takming Chuang