Headlands Center for the Arts

Sylvia Hughes-Gonzales

california | visual
Graduate Fellowship Program 2021—2022, Mills College


I hope to use my time at Headlands to research narratives of loss and celebration, and take long walks on the beautiful grounds. I anticipate the environment at Headlands will create more possibilities for deep research, writing, and collective action, and the opportunity to process things in community with a group of dedicated artists.

Artist Statement

In this era of disaster I find comfort in walking, and I find connections in our collected debris. I build shrouds in the streets. I weave tinsel. I pick flowers. Hurricane Katrina destroyed my home and shattered many people’s lives into a million tiny pieces. Reassembling discarded objects in a broken world is an act that feels familiar. Commemorations of the dead from my culture inform my work. I’m reminded to celebrate because we are alive and because grief is a type of praise.

Selected Works

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