Suzanne Lacy

Alumni New Works, 2015
Artist in Residence, 2003

Project Description

As an educator at Otis College of Art and Design in Los angeles, the opportunity to reflect on my work in that sphere, and as an artist, is a valuable gift. Today, in the midst of a renewed national crisis on race relations, youth, criminal justice and the impact of prejudice against African Americans on our social fabric, I will focus on drafting a book tying together elements of my PhD thesis and over 40 interviews from participants in The Oakland Projects, a ten year series of projects, performances and installations with youth, organizations, and artists.

Artist Statement

I develop long-term projects in both rural and urban environments centered on the ways in which broad audiences understand and embrace art, how communities develop, and artists’ relationships to their ever-changing profession. Writing is a way of thinking through the practices developed collaboratively with others, and the social processes put in motion during the implementation of the work.

Alumni New Works is a project-based award program that supports the cutting edge contemporary creative practices of Headlands Alumni, and provides impactful resources toward the development and completion of a project.

Selected Video

The Oakland Projects – Overview from Suzanne Lacy on Vimeo.