person standing on a stage lit with blue and green

Steph Del Rosso, production still from "The Gradient," 2021; digital film; photo: Phil Hamer

Steph Del Rosso

New York
Artist in Residence, 2022

Portrait of Steph del Rosso

Artist Statement

I write about angry women, self-conscious women, women who are hyper-smart and deeply flawed. I write about whiteness and misogyny, about groupthink and the menace of good intentions, about intergenerational and interracial friendships, about sex and power. My work puts a fun house mirror up against the familiar. I believe we can see ourselves more clearly at a tilt, examine the world more minutely when it’s made surreal. I have little patience for easy redemption narratives, but I’m not interested in demonizing either. I write to reckon with the insidiousness of harm and the messiness of seeing ourselves—sometimes in ways that delight, sometimes in ways that horrify. I write to make myself and others laugh. And I write to connect, with the hope that by peering inside my brain, maybe someone feels a little less freaked out, a little more at peace, a little galvanized. 


While at Headlands

While at Headlands, I will be working on two new plays: one about the climate crisis and the other about class, money, and the private tutoring industry that’s set in a series of opulent apartment foyers. I plan to pair work on these plays with the editing and writing of several short stories that are at various stages of completion. My residency will be occurring immediately after the off-Broadway premiere of another play of mine, so I’m really looking forward to grounding myself in process, exploration, and community after what will likely be an exciting but chaotic experience. 

Artist photo by Ella Pennington.

Selected Work

The Gradient, 2021, official trailer; film; with The Repertory Theatre of St. Louis.

Excerpt from The Gradient, 2021; play text.

Excerpt from 53% Of, 2022; play text.

Excerpt from Life Savers, 2021; play text.