Ronald Hall

New York
McLaughlin Awards, 2024

Artist Statement

In my contemporary figurative paintings, I draw upon a wide range of sources and influences, including surrealism and popular culture. I use these elements to create imaginative, dreamlike compositions that speak to the enduring resilience and creative spirit of the African American community. Ultimately, my goal as an artist is to create works that not only celebrate African American history and culture, but also inspire critical thinking and dialogue about the ongoing struggles and triumphs of this community. Through my art, I hope to challenge perceptions, foster understanding, and promote positive social change. So, my art deals with African American history, contemporary figurative painting, surrealism and popular culture in a very holistic and meaningful way.

While at Headlands

Currently I’m working on a series of African American figurative paintings that explores the intersection of surrealism, art history, and technology. During my time spent at Headlands, I plan on continuing the work on this series. In this series, I utilize the surrealist tradition of irrational juxtapositions and dreamlike imagery to challenge and subvert traditional art historical narratives and representations of African Americans. I am also incorporating elements of popular culture and technology, using digital media and new forms of expression to create works that are both rooted in the past and forward-looking.