reflection of a hand over a waterline background

Romane Bladou, "Maraval," 2021; inkjet print; 20 x 24 in

Romane Bladou

Artist in Residence, 2022

Bladou Headshot

Artist Statement

My practice is interdisciplinary yet is rooted in a photographic language. Through photography, videography, creative writing, and more recently sculpture, I aim to convey ideas and feelings related to space and displacement, to projection and reflection, to landscape and language. I work from embodied experiences in space and time where walking allows for a slowness in looking and an opportunity to daydream. I build installations in which this translation from moment to media is displayed to create a mediated and sometimes immersive environment for the viewer. The main question I ask is how can I represent what I cannot fully grasp? This process allows for the appreciation of the daily, wandering, and uncertainty. Since everything varies according to the ever so slight movements of wind and light, I am trying to give space and time to the liminal, the overlooked, the slow. More recently, I have been exploring boredom as a political space for contemplation, for play, and for creation.


While at Headlands

While at Headlands, I plan to walk the trails and to record these daily experiences in words and images. I plan to pay attention to the multi-sensorial, to the spontaneous, to my feet in water, to the wind, to light, to sounds. I will walk and walk and notice what moves, what are the surfaces light travels through, what are the ones light comes to rest on. From this collection of the ephemeral, this archive of the unnoticed, the intangible, the overlooked, I wish to make a multimedia installation emphasizing those phenomena. It will involve moving images projected onto surfaces – which I’m thinking might be paper, but I am not certain just yet. It might be windows, water, it might be the ground we walk on. I cannot wait.