semi abstract painting in browns and reds

Rafael Delacruz, detail from "Broken earthenware," 2021; acrylic, oil on canvas; 16 x 20 in; photo: Adam Reich

Rafael Delacruz

Artist in Residence, 2022

Person in green jacket holding large bag of mixed greens.

Artist Statement

My interdisciplinary work weaves through an interpretation of my surroundings by blending personal narratives and structures. The figures I draw or paint have representational forms but are distorted in a loose rendering manner, playing with mark making, line weight, transparent fields of color, and experimentation through screen printing.


While at Headlands

During my stay at the Headlands I would like to expand on one painting series titled HWY1. Referencing a trip to Muir Woods in January 2020, they start with environmental surroundings (landscape, trees, the Highway 1 logo, sea life, and plants). To capture a place, I collect as much data as I can, by either iphone photos, drawing in plein air, or simple titles to later visualize into full paintings. I insert my library of figures and landscapes, and develop an open-ended composition. I hope to re-imagine this process by going on walks around the Marin Headlands and collecting new solitude.

In addition, I would like to accompany my paintings with an edition of four handmade books, consisting of woodcut prints, photography, and hand-painted pages.