A red sculpture against a white background.

Prajakti Jayavant

Artist in Residence, 2016

A portrait of a person against a red wall.

Artist Statement

My interest involves the questioning of a work’s function as object/ drawing/ painting. I practice restraint with the fragile tactility of paper and the vast temperament of paint. The traditional drawing material of paper is no longer flat but now holds unenclosed volume. Of slight bulk and build, this work has a relationship to the wall and intrudes upon the surrounding space. I work within these parameters to create significance from the insignificant and to expand perceptual thought and emotion through subtlety.

While At Headlands

I am going to paint, cut, blend, and fold into the oscillating tension of endless, natural beauty amidst the armored grit and order of this former military site. With curiosity as culprit and painterly discipline as guide, I plan to bring down ceilings, elevate surfaces, and thwart corners by further relating my dimensional artworks to the architecture itself. My urbanite self will be newly negotiating with the temporal sunlight to build structure from outlines and to ease a different painted luminosity into the textured development of complex color.

Overall, I will continue my interest in combining the following ideas to create painted, abstract forms: simplicity/ complexity; beauty/ malady; organic/ architectural; fragility/ strength; interior/ exterior narratives and settings; and the ephemeral qualities of materials.