Nao Bustamante

Artist in Residence, 2023

Portrait of Nao Bustamante with a small curly-haired dog

Artist Statement

I often work on research themes over several years, creating various iterations in different genres. Over time, I’ve moved from being primarily a solo performance artist to including film/video, sculpture, installation, and artist-collaborators.


While at Headlands

I will be working on an ongoing series called BLOOM, which is a cross-disciplinary investigation centered on the redesign of the speculum and history of the pelvic examination. BLOOM has had several engagements and continues to grow. The work incorporates film, installation, prop design, live performances, puppetry, community building, and virtual reality. While at Headland’s I’ll be completing the film and video scripts and taking inspiration from the surroundings. 

Artist portrait by Hiroshi Clark.