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Morgan Bassichis

Artist in Residence, 2022
Artist in Residence, 2020

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Artist Statement

I am a performer who makes solo and collaborative works that draw on stand-up comedy, music, historical archives, and self-help. My recent shows include Questions to Ask Beforehand (Bridget Donahue, NYC, 2022) and Don’t Rain on My Bat Mitzvah (with Ira Khonen Temple, Creative Time, NYC, 2021). My book of to-do lists, The Odd Years, was published by Wendy’s Subway in 2020.

While at Headlands

I will continue to work on an antizionist bat mitzvah album, which I hope will become very popular one day.

Selected Works

Excerpt from Morgan Bassichis & Ethan Philbrick, Klezmer for Beginners, Abrons Arts Center, New York City; April 13, 2019; Featuring Eva Boodman (trumpet), Christina Crowder (accordion), Debra Kreisberg (clarinet), Ethan Philbrick (cello). Video by Amelia Golden.

Performance at Weirdo Night LA, organized by Dynasty Handbag, Zebulon, Los Angeles; January 7, 2018.

More Protest Songs! Recorded live at St. Mark’s Church in New York City, April 19, 2018, accompanied and arranged by Kyle Combs (percussion, vocals), Elizabeth LoPiccolo (flute, percussion, vocals), Sam Greenleaf Miller (percussion, vocals), Rhys Ziemba (bass, vocals).

March is for Marches; A collaborative yearlong improvised album with cellist Ethan Philbrick, presented by Triple Canopy.