Minoosh Zomorodinia

Affiliate, 2016 - 2019

Artist Statement

An underlying theme in my work is the investigation of the concept of “Self”’ particularly how the “self” relates to the environment. My works are deeply informed by my cultural background, religion, and politics. Borrowing from rituals and nature, sometimes infusing humor, I integrate contradictory concepts in pieces that visualize “Self” struggles. I use the mediums of photography and video to document intuitive moments played out within specific spaces. I make visible to audiences the view in my mind’s eye—reflections of my emotional, psychological, and subconscious experiences.

While At Headlands

During my Headlands residency, I will take advantage of the natural beauty in the surrounding area to create a series of video-performance installations that portray one important part in my ongoing investigation of the “Self.” As someone who personally lives abiding by Islamic tradition, I will draw on two traditional rituals from my own culture: walking, explored as a metaphor for going on Islamic pilgrimage; and cooking as a form of Nazri, which is food that is ritually prepared and shared within a community to commemorate the dead. I will create a map of my walk and surveys of the Headlands area, and distribute and share specially prepared food with the Headlands community.

Selected Video

Resist, 2017.

W&P Chords.