A series of 5 artworks lined up in a row.

Milan Vagač

Artist in Residence, 2017

A portrait of a person against a light background.

Artist Statement

My current practice is focused on language of geometrical abstraction. I’m examining its possibilities through paintings, drawings, or objects. My work is based on typical forms of the European modernist avant-garde such as constructivism, neoplasticism, or functionalist movements in architecture and design. An important part of my work is thus the relation to the past defined by possibilities of our memory. A retrospection and constant verification of comebacks in art generate new opportunities for the future of painting. I used the original modernist ideas to define the shape and role of similar current approaches. A modernist grid is now replaced by virtual grid, which relativizes the primary exactness. Today’s utopia is fully digitized and reflects mankind living in an atomised world. To me, abstract painting represents a suitable form of projection of the nature of the modern world. The question of abstract painting lies in the setting of its system, in the structure of relations of visual means that determine its final form.

While at Headlands

I would like to research the possibilities of traditional media such as painting and drawing crossed with new digital tools. I want to enrich the process of painting and drawing with possibilities of new digital techniques, computer algorithms, which I want to use in order to create new geometric structures. I am interested in the resonance between abstract virtual operations and their materialization in the form of painting or drawing. By this resonance I want to reflect our relation to a new virtual environment.