Mikalai Rudkouski

Artist in Residence, 2024

Artist Statement

Mikalai Rudkouski writes plays that explore war and love, the dreams and desires of modern people.

While at Headlands

I’m a playwright. I want to start writing (or have time to write completely) a play about people who, due to forced reasons, appear in an unfree world, an unfree country, a closed space and want to break out of it to freedom. But while the heroes of the plays cannot or do not know how to break free, they want to live excitingly in this closed world. To do this, they come up with this method: every day you live there should be a new surprise. And then every day will become unique, interesting, and not boring for them. Or perhaps their hobbies can restore freedom? Is this self-deception or an alternative to freedom in an unfree world? The working title of the play is “Surprises” or “200 Surprises”. In this work I want to express my personal sad experience of a semi-underground existence at home, which at the moment I cannot speak openly about.


Work Samples


Rudkouski_M_Blind Star_1993

Rudkouski_M_Everything Just As You Wanted_2008

Rudkouski_M_GOD OF TICKLING_2010