Michelle Murillo

Affiliate, 2018 - 2019

A portrait of a person in a workshop.

Artist Statement

In my creative practice, I work across traditional and innovative forms and seek to expand the vocabulary of print media and the multiple in an interdisciplinary context. My work can be broadly understood as archiving: the lost, found, remembered, and collected.

My recent work is created from photographs of observations of the San Francisco Bay. Looking east into the bay, the images of water are the first impressions one has as they pass through the Golden Gate Bridge and arrive at the California shore. Like nautical navigation charts the cyanotypes become blueprints of passage through the gateway. The work attempts to position water as the liminal space in between continental geography and as a vehicle for travel, navigation, and migration.

While At Headlands

At Headlands I plan to make work that is informed by firsthand experiences with the geography of the Bay. Spending time on site will deepen my engagement with the work I am making about the San Francisco Bay as a multicentered gateway. Acknowledging Lucy Lippard’s notion of place, I will investigate the numerous histories of the Bay that compose its unique identity: political, cultural, and ecological.