Image of multi-colored material stitched together.

Mercy Hawkins

Graduate Fellowships, 2021 - 2022
UC Davis

Person sitting among sculptures.


At Headlands, I intend to investigate and experience the unique attributes of the surrounding area—its biodiversity and its shifting seasons and weather patterns—with an eye toward creating an outdoor installation exploring the relationships between the winds, breathing, and language. I’m excited to cultivate and create among other dedicated artists, each working within their own unique practice, while learning and expanding my own discipline and focus toward increasingly meaningful, place-based work.

Artist Statement

My art practice is born of a love-of-the-land, and the life that inhabits it. Through my work I seek to bridge and reconsider the relationship between the human-world and that of Nature in this time of ever-increasing climate crisis. My research spans the varied human relationships to Nature throughout history, and includes ethnographic studies on communication and language, and explorations of modes of representation that reach beyond symbolic language. In our increasingly technologically alienated world, I seek to impress an understanding that we are not just single beings—that we, too, are the earth, ocean, and sky.