Quilted fabric: A green swirling form over rectangular swaths o fblue and orange

Megumi Shauna Arai, "Jeté Dō," 2022; silk, linen, and cotton naturally dyed with pomegranate overdyed indigo variation, sage modified, cutch overdyed walnut modified, walnut, walnut modified, marigold overdyed cutch modified, indigo and kakishibu dyed cotton thread used, oak frame; 60 x 60 in. Photo: Gary Mamay

Megumi Shauna Arai

Artist Statement

My practice is inspired by craft, specifically textile traditions such as piecework and natural dye. My work references mixed cultural identity and practices of embodiment—such as dance and calligraphy—involving a meditative, process-based working style where concept and spontaneity meet to create large fiber based paintings. I am interested in literal and metaphorical borders and the notion of belonging. 


While at Headlands

Last year I began a series of large works that connected my material knowledge and conceptual interests further. My time at Headlands will be focused on developing this language for a solo show in 2024.


Artist portrait by Brian Ferry.