Marie de Brugerolle

Artist in Residence, 2024

Artist Statement

My experience as curator and art historian in this expanded field of arts led me to a writing practice which blends criticism, experimental writing, and dramaturgy. In today’s interdisciplinary landscape, the role of the curator, like that of the artist, has to be pluridisciplinary. As an author and dramaturg, I use poetry, scripts and stage objects as transformation tools.

While at Headlands


During my stay, I will develop a writing research project inspired by Jack Spicer’s writings, specifically his theater and radio plays, and bring them to performative dimension. Jack Spicer is a Bay Area poet (1925-1965), whose work is a seminal influence on many artists from different generations and spheres. Spicer’s plays constitute a lens, from where creating a perspective before the curtains, behind the bridges, will grow.Writing is an act of dictation and the subject is moving, not relating to the author. I will be a vessel for Jack Spicer’s new narrative.

I am specifically interested in working on his plays and bringing subjectivity of language on stage, understood as in an extended way. My final aim is to work on a (re)staging of these plays.

It is also a reflexion about “per-furniture”, visual poetry and polysemy of status. My writing process is organic: I use drawings, small objects that I call “Commodities” which have a polysemic status and body exercices (walks, breath are the punctuation of writing).

This builds a peripheral material which activates Spicer’s Shadows alive.