A bright blue artwork with abstract patterns.

Marco Breuer

New York
Larry Sultan Photography Award, 2016

Artist Statement

After studying photography in Germany, I have spent the last 25 years making the medium fit me, not the other way around. The inherent tension between object and window is at the core of what interests me about photography. Many of my pieces constitute a negotiation of the illusionistic space of photography versus the concrete space of the physical mark. Operating at the intersection of photography and drawing, I deliberately misuse both my tools and materials to address the conventions of both mediums. My drawing implements have included shotguns, modified record players, hot plates, and the guts of electric frying pans.

While At Headlands

For me the challenge of working during a residency is finding the right balance of preparedness and openness. I have a number of book projects that I am working on, as well as a series of newsprint tabloids that will contain camera-based “fiction,” but I am ready to put all of them on the backburner if the situation at Headlands suggests a different project.