People standing in front of iridescent fabric.

Malena Lopez-Maggi

Affiliate, 2016

Artist Statement

I make sculptures, installations, paintings, photographs, videos, performative objects, and chocolates. I am curious about the material composition of the environment I inhabit. That leads me to wonder about things like ingredients, atmospheric colors, and the spectrum between “natural” and “artificial.” By making synthetic interpretations of natural forms, I highlight the paradoxical relationship between humans and nature. I hope to awaken my audience’s sense of wonder and curiosity about the non-human world.

While At Headlands

While at Headlands I will be experimenting with home cooked bioplastics to make layered objects that resemble scientific models of alternate life forms. During Headlands Open House events I will perform the dissection of these objects. I will be studying the plants, fungi, rocks, and atmosphere around the Headlands for inspiration.