An installation with shelves full of objects.

Lucia Tallová

Artist in Residence, 2018

A person standing front of shelves.

Artist Statement

My theme is the archive. I work with the classic medium of painting—utilizing monochrome color and precise painting technique—combining it with spatial installations, objects, collages, photographs, creating both a thoughtful and a material connection between the elaborated themes and techniques. Increasingly, my work moves into space, and when the painting remains ubiquitous and still dominant, the places abstain in an intuitive gesture. The subject of a personal archive also refers to my collection of old photographs, albums, postcards, porcelain, stones, and various bizarre objects and furniture, troublesome objects that I subsequently manipulate and transform. They are a working material and a tool, underlined by layering and repeating distinctive motifs and symbols, such as the black ink, a tear of color, dust and smoke particles, blurred horizons, or ribbons or flowers as strong symbols of femininity, nostalgia, and sentiment.

While at Headlands

While at the Headlands I plan to continue research towards a site-specific installation that I have been developing for the last three years. Exploring the landscape as well as collecting typical local old photographs, albums, postcards, porcelain, stones and various bizarre objects and small furniture, a troublesome objects that they subsequently manipulate and transform. I would like to research the possibilities of traditional media such as painting and drawing, manipulating, cutting and gluing, rebuilding the collage and installations. And react to the way of thinking about my older painting on paper and canvas, working with the theme of losing, forgetting, some eras, related to the theme of memory and the memory of real or invented story-archives.