Lavar Munroe

Artist in Residence, 2018

Artist Statement

My work functions both as homage and posthumous collaboration between me and my late father. I am interested in the idea of fostering a collaboration, without my father knowingly doing so. The inception of this work came about due to prior plans to collaborate with him two years before his death. Our intentions were to better understand each other’s professions (he was a water sports instructor specializing in parasailing, and me, a multimedia visual artist), with the deeper interest in using both of our practices to metaphorically connect with my deceased mother. My work harnesses a broad range of visual references, drawing equally from literature, folk religious practices, folk celebratory practices, mythology, and the history of statues and memorials

While at Headlands

While at the Headlands, I will be working on a series work that vacillates between painting and sculpture. This work will serve as the continuation of my exploration of posthumously collaborating with my late father. I intend to bring a few objects belonging to my father, which I will then intervene in by making objects and two-dimensional works to supplement and complement the existing objects. The end result of this collaboration will take to task the notion of journey, memorial, and rites of passage while celebrating the life of my marvelous father.