Lauren D’Amato

Tournesol Award, 2023 - 2024

Black and white photo of Lauren D'Amato

Artist Statement
I find that my current artistic motivation stems from my desire to learn more about the painters, businesses, and histories of the signs around me. As a second generation sign-painter and pinstriper I am always looking back towards these lineages of painting to further my own ability. Through observation of my surroundings, a coded language of blue collar labor and technical ability presents itself to me. Painting is a chance for me to create new memories that relate these histories to my present moment, and to see that these traditions of handmade modes of production, which have inspired me so greatly, move forward.


While at Headlands
During my stay at Headlands I will continue to grow my current body of work, which draws directly from the visual landscape of San Francisco signage. I’ve been reflecting on the different ways I’ve been taught to formally think about painting, and the contrasting ways I’ve learned on my own to support myself as a painter. I am looking forward to being able to find more ways to embrace these contrasting experiences in my process and allow the combination of techniques I’ve acquired to grow in the studio.