Image of collage with purse and airport departures sign.

Kristen Wong

Graduate Fellowships, 2021 - 2022
San Francisco State University

Close-up portrait of person resting their chin on their arm.


I am so excited to blast music driving around the national park at night, alone. The vastness and relative physical and digital isolation of the Marin Headlands landscape will allow me to turn myself—and my creative practice as a photographer and writer—inward in a way that I’ve previously not had the space to do. I’m also excited to meet people in the greater community, and be involved with writers as well as visual artists.

I plan on making and self-publishing a second photo book, and as many zines as possible—physical photographic objects that I can send out into the world after a year of isolation—and probably a couple of paintings too!

Artist Statement

I am drawn to photomedia and video because they share a link to the actual. We see photographs as truthful because of how they function in the literal: in the context of living in isolation during a global pandemic, we rely on information we receive online. I work primarily in photo and video because of their actuality—because for a moment when you first see a photograph, you accept/see/believe/try to process it as something real. By reworking photographs digitally and by hand to make physical and video collages, I seek to upend this expectation. The fiction that is inherent in collage allows me to manufacture dreamlike, hyperreal, and distorted images that challenge the reality agreed upon by society’s majority, especially you.