Ca(r)milla 2023 Single-channel projection, mirror, crocus bags, wooden frame, wooden benches, iron nails, concrete, topsoil Dimensions variable

Kearra Amaya Gopee

New York
Film/Video/New Media
Artist in Residence, 2024

Artist Statement

I am an anti-disciplinary visual artist from Carapichaima, Kairi (the larger of the twin-island nation known as Trinidad and Tobago), living on Lenape land (New York, NY).

Using video, sculpture, sound, writing and other media, I identify both violence and time as primary conditions that undergird the anti-Black world in which I work: a world that I am intent on working against through myriad collective interventions. I render this violence elastic and atemporal–leaving ample room for the consideration and manipulation of its history, implications on the present and possible afterlives.

While at Headlands

While at Headlands, I will be developing two new installations, as well as beginning a new chapbook.