Kaveh Irani

Affiliate, 2016 - 2017
Graduate Fellowships, 2015

A portrait of a person against a black and yellow geometric background.

Artist Statement

In my works I bring objects with different backgrounds together and explore the ways that they do or do not resonate with one another. My works are mostly mixed-media paintings on wood, and at the same time I do some sound installations as well. In my painting I often work on two different pieces at the same time, one based on the experience of my current location and one based on my memories of my life prior to my immigration. Furthermore, I make one single piece by combining these two different pieces together.

While at Headlands

While I’m at Headlands I want to continue making works based on the concept of dualities that exist in our life, such as being physically present in one place while mentally in other.

Selected Video

The Hum, 2015; acrylic fabric on HVAC pipe, sound installation.