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Justin Carder

Design Fellowship, 2021 - 2022

person in a colorful shirt and cap seated at a table with various print materials


Artist Statement

I am a somewhat self-taught—shout out to my design mentors Mariá Inés Montes, Alvaro Villanueva, and the 1998-99-cohort-of-Kinko’s-night-shift-workers for showing me the way!—interdisciplinary designer/artist/weirdo. I’m interested in the ways design can be used to foster community, support artists, and abolish prisons and police. 

While at Headlands:

During my time as Designer in Residence, I am looking forward to connecting with the varieties of Headlands communities (artists, workers, friends, turkeys, etc) and to exploring the spaces of connection Headlands Center for the Arts has with its immediate surroundings, the Bay Area in general, and the earth, and possibly space. I am hoping to use this time to begin shifting my practice into less reactive modes—to use this time to bring people together in weird ways, to study and create together.