A shiny white material strewn across a wooden floor.

Joyce Nojima

Affiliate, 2015 - 2016
Graduate Fellowships, 2014

Artist Statement

With my hands, I grip the plastic and pull it apart. Puncturing, disfiguring, welding, and drawing with a heated iron rod. Tentative gestures are interrupted by thick yet translucent scars. These marks echo the dichotomy between rhythm and atonality, thoughtfulness and impetuousness. The more I manipulate the material, the more volume is revealed. I search for beauty in destruction and become lost in the surface I create.

While At Headlands

Inspired by the landscape of the Headlands, I will continue my investigations of patterns and dualities. I plan to experiment with synthetic materials such as tape and plastic tarps to build my three‐dimensional drawing installations. My goal is to evoke a visual experience through tactility where awareness of oneself is both lost and heightened through the concentration of looking.