An art gallery with installations.

José León Cerrillo

Artist in Residence, 2019

A portrait of a person.


Artist Statement

Although I consider my practice to be a sculptural one, my work takes on different media, from silkscreen prints and wearable clothing to metal structures and architectural interventions. Problems of perception, subject construction, and interrogations of form and content are considered in relation to their pre-condition as a system of language used to decode or cope with the object in the face of abstraction.

Rather than providing a closed set of arguments and propositions, a continuous state of conflict or tension between structural elements of thought and their resolution as THING serves as the constant (jolt, whip) throughout my work.

While at Headlands

While at Headlands, I plan to focus on archival and research-based projects. There is a certain inter- (or hyper-) textuality that traverses my work throughout various projects. My proposed project centers on this hyper-textuality, compiling and mapping out the various relations and systems of thought that occupy the work. This will be the material for a publication that will be printed later in the year.

Simultaneously, Headlands will allow me to greatly benefit from an engagement with the larger Bay Area history of alternative and experimental forms of publication in poetry and the arts, providing invaluable context for the conceptualization of my project.