A room with colorfully painted hangings, cushions, and sculptures.

José Figueroa

Affiliate, 2017 - 2019
Graduate Fellowships, 2016 - 2017

José in shorts and a fedora making a painting while standing on the cliffs of the Marin Headlands in front of the Golden Gate Bridge.

Artist Statement

I draw imagining an aerial and extracorporeal perspective that generates a vigilant record of my everyday environments. My drawing practice is constantly evolving and incorporates the use of text as a formal resource while following premises of ethnographic methodologies. The resulting images are panoramic long-shutter exposures developed on site and in public. The documents become part of my permanent archive and are scanned, categorized and disseminated as photographic reproductions.  At the moment, the archive houses more than a thousand drawings and as many and more images that illustrate my ongoing pilgrimage. Categories within my archive flux from doing fieldwork in China, to drawing a dinner party at my kitchen table or going to a sex club. Back in the studio, the drawings become catalysts for new creations that range from painting and sculpture to short stories and artist talks.

While At Headlands

While at Headlands I will articulate the way in which my chronological drawing archive informs my holistic practice. I will expand my collection of observational Golden Gate Bridge drawings from Conzelman Road and connect my drawing practice to rephotography: the process of photographing a picture again after a period of time has passed. There are sites I’ve recorded from the same vantage point multiple times like the Golden Gate Bridge or Claude Monet’s Pond. The result rather than a representation of memory, suggests a practice of actively inhabiting memories and their times and places while incorporating them into the present as icons of the recorded experience. I hope to compile these observations into a book or website. I will continue to develop a multi-scaled, multimedia, fictional theme park articulated through the space of limbo.