vs & viceversa | 2024 | 10’ x 12’ x 10’ | Installation: Acrylic paint, oil paint, archival photo paper, collage, colored frames, painted caution tape, macrame net with wooden poles, wooden sculptures of a racket and ball.

José Carlos Casado

New York
Artist in Residence, 2024

Artist Statement

As a multidisciplinary artist, I explore the intersection of humans and technology through various traditional and newer mediums such as painting, sculpture, public art, and augmented and virtual reality. A central focus of my work is the way in which technology impacts human society and daily life as it continually evolves.

I seek to investigate the increasingly blurred line between real and unreal and how technology influences the images we see, interpret, and understand. I often draw inspiration from social and news-related themes, presenting a world that is infatuated with disaffection and discomfort. I use digital technologies not to document reality simply but to invent new realities. Ultimately, I believe that the perception of something is more important than its reality.

I’m constantly positioning myself within a deliberately conflicted landscape. I question a world that is obsessed with the duality of alienation and explores the discomfort of one’s own nature.

While at Headlands

Twenty years after crafting my MFA thesis on artificial reproduction, my journey into fatherhood via IVF and surrogacy ignited a renewed fascination with the topic. Balancing family responsibilities, I ventured into a parallel career as a commercial model. Portraying traditional masculinity prompted a self-examination of my identity as a gay man, artist, and father. This internal exploration fuels my current art series, delving into the shifting landscape of manhood amid political populism, evolving family dynamics, and a culture of narcissism. Integrating my personal experiences as a father into my art proved challenging initially, but my latest works seamlessly intertwine the facets that define me—fatherhood, artistry, and modeling. Through this synthesis, I aim to scrutinize societal perceptions of these roles and their collective impact on my identity.