A smoky landscape with a small deer.

Johannes Heldén

Artist in Residence, 2015

Artist Statement

My artistic practice – as an artist working with interactive installations, print books, sound, digital media and more – deals with narrative systems, science fiction and entropy. Focus lies on our concept of nature, as something that is viewed as both incomprehensible / filled with grace and as something indifferent – a chemical sequence, a string of formulae. With my work I aim to explore the border between these two points of view, the sublime and the concrete activated at the same time, the border between reality and fiction. How we search for patterns in natural phenomena.

While At Headlands

While at Headlands my work will focus on a hybrid book project about ecology, our vision of the future, and plants and animals made extinct by human intervention. The project will consist of interviews, sculptures of future species, poetic essays, a digital text generator creating new species, and watercolours of lost habitats.

Selected Video

Red Shift, 2009; animation.