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'1 833 666 FEAR,' 2017-ongoing. A biannual Halloween radio special exploring the telephone as a device for horror. In collaboration with Mathew Kneebone.

Joanna Rosso

Design Fellowship, 2020 - 2021

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Artist Statement

“Joanna Rosso is a wonderful woman. She is 23 years old and is the boss of her own dezining company. Joanna still does not smoke or drink. She helps the poor and her family too. Yes, Joanna is a wonderful woman, smart and funny.”
Joanna’s Future, elementary school assignment, c.1990.

I am a San Francisco–based designer whose work resides between the realms of art and graphic design. I was born to parents who immigrated from Colombia to Southern California, where I would grow up in the sunny expanse of depopulated streets, crowded shopping malls, and all the other tropes of suburban ennui characteristic of Orange County. This backdrop of consumerism and pop culture combined with a magical realism that resulted in estrangement, which lingers as a strong current throughout my work. I work in print and digital media, self-publishing work that addresses topics surrounding art, girlhood, internet culture/ephemera, and the inversion of power.

While at Headlands

As the Designer in Residence, I hope to contribute to maintaining and expanding upon Headlands visual communication in playful ways, while learning to develop a framework for my own practice. I’m excited to get to know and collaborate with the rich community of artists, writers, and designers taking part in this year’s program from a distance, for now. I would also like to explore publishing (digital and print) as a vehicle for dispersion and community-building.