room inside a church with a window that depicts hands praying

Jeremy Xido

Film/Video/New Media
Artist in Residence, 2024

person standing in a desert landscape

Artist Statement

The bulk of my career has been in theater, at the intersection of dance, theater, and media, making work that often plays with what’s real and what’s fabricated. It has been collaborative, often derived via improvisations and game structure, working with artists and non-artists—truck drivers, night watchmen, hair stylists—who become part of the pieces. I eventually began to script these collaborations, which led to writing screenplays and making films. Bits and pieces are collected from different mediums and are eventually fashioned into a script. And I make movies….


While at Headlands

At Headlands I will revise and complete several narrative screenplays—one about a group of folks battling over a house in Detroit, another set in a mock Iraqi village in the California desert used to train Marines for battle, and a third about a group of octogenarian women in a retirement community who discover, and fight to expose, an environmental disaster under their homes.

Selected Work

Jeremy Xido, “Sons of Detroit,” trailer.