An image comprised of two different views of a sculpture.

Jenna Meacham

Graduate Fellowships, 2018 - 2019
San Francisco State University

A person sitting in front of a window.

Artist Statement

My work investigates loneliness, intimacy, and cultural ideas around couple-ness. It rarely takes the same form twice, sometimes using photography, sculpture, or installation. Each work comments on the human condition in a different and unique way. I hope to connect to my viewer through their own personal relationships and help them to gain a new perspective on connection.

I study these things by deconstructing ads promising true love or exploring objects that represent or are a replacement for intimacy and affection, and sometimes I mine Craigslist Missed Connections to learn about how place and technology mediate our relationships.

Using my own memories and experiences with relationships I explore romanticism, human connection, and the promise of the happily ever after.

While at Headlands

I am thinking about memory, loss, and longing and how it connects us. Recently I have been researching the ephemera that accumulates within relationships, as well as the objects we use to memorialize and commemorate intimate moments and spaces.