Closeup of some pink mushrooms

Jan Mun

New York
Social Practice
Artist in Residence, 2022
Gardner Planetary Health Award, 2020

Portrait of Jan Mun

Artist Statement

As a media artist, I create social sculptures using digital and living media. The landscape has become the framework through which I unfold stories about others and myself using a combination of artistic and scientific processes that manifest as social engagements, interactive installations, photography, and bio-art. I create interfaces to elicit participation as a reflection and critique of our political and social systems. Working with communities such as Newtown Creek Alliance, The Honeybee Conservancy, and the Soil & Microbiology labs at Brooklyn College, I innovate ideas to be realized through research, chance, and collaboration.

While at Headlands

I am looking forward to expanding my research on mycorrhizal symbiosis and connecting to a diverse network of mycological communities in the Bay Area. I will continue to work on my longtime projects ProfileUS: Invasive Species and The Fairy Rings series by learning more about the beneficial relationships created by fungi, plants, soil, and people.

Artist photo by Mara Catalan