James Brendan Williams

Graphic Design
Design Fellowship, 2017 - 2018

While at Headlands

As Designer in Residence, I look forward to refreshing my design senses. I’ll embrace the year as an occasion to expand my practice, engage with the Headlands creative community, and explore new tools for communication by upending the formats I’ve come to rely upon. I’ll search for ways to visually express the spirit of such a special place, while seeing myself as part of it.

Artist Statement

I intend to infuse life into the inanimate by uncovering energy in space and tapping into what has come before me to imagine the world not only as it is but as it may be. I tinker with the notion that failure will be part of the experience. Deviations, setbacks, acts of undoing and reevaluation allow for unexpected areas of opportunity. My work is a pursuit in uncertainty, and a search for connections I don’t quite understand.