Jacob Cartwright & Nick Jordan

United Kingdom
Film/Video/New Media
Artist in Residence, 2013

Artist Statement

Our collaborative practice is cross-disciplinary, encompassing video, drawing, painting, photography, objects, publications and events. Our work frequently explores the relationship between natural and cultural histories. Recent subjects have included non-native species, pigeon hunters, ancient oaks, 19th century artist and frontiersman John James Audubon, and a desolate town at the confluence of the Ohio and Mississippi rivers.

While at Headlands

We have been commissioned to make a film in response to the location of Headlands. Our starting point has been to work through a list of potential subject areas, based on our research into the location and our own thematic interests.

Our focus will be on the specific location, activity and unique history of Headlands and its surrounding landscape, and the human influence on the natural environment in the Marin Bay area. The project may take the form of a conversation between camera and location, deploying a speculative or lyrical approach, rather than a chronological or documentary-style narrative.

We intend to produce a short film which could function as both a site-specific installation/screening at Headlands, plus serve as a stand-alone work, linking with themes of cultural and natural history that run through our collaborative practice.

Selected Video

Cairo: The breaking up of the ice
HD video, 2010, 16 mins