Indira Allegra

Artist in Residence, 2017

Artist Statement

I am concerned with tension and its relationship to intimacy through text/ile sculpture & performance. I use weaving as a methodology to discover how texts like news, memoir, and vectors of power, act as warp and weft within society—crossing each other to create both material and immaterial cloths.

While at Headlands

I will be expanding my weaving practice to explore performances of tension more broadly beyond the behavior of warp on the loom. Dedicated space at Headlands will allow me to choreograph a series of vocal and sculptural performances that explore social tension as material to be used as warp for the production of intimacy. The bodies of looms, both constructed and deconstructed, will act as co-performers.

Selected Works

Blackout, 2015; digital weaving installation, dimensions variable.

Documenting Disability (excerpt), 2013; performance, dimensions variable. Running time: 2:28.

Orientation to Intimacy Series, 2013; performance, dimensions variable. Running time: 3:10.

Woven Account (excerpt), 2014; performance, dimensions variable. Running time: 0:59.