Hoshiko Yamane

Artist in Residence, 2024

Artist Statement

Berlin-based Japanese violinist, composer and electronic producer. I compose and perform live concerts mostly improvisation, with the bold fusion of traditional classical music with innovative electronic production techniques. My music is a soundscape like a large video work, and I have collaborated with videos and dance performances in the past. My style is to use the sound of string instruments as material, and in my main works I use a layered method of creation, but recently I often arrange my pieces for ensembles, so how I arrange my pieces is something I would like to experiment with in the future.

While at Headlands

First sketches with violin and field recording for my next solo album in Headlands.

My idea for the composition came from of course everything. My life, experience of traveling and whatever but mostly from nature. I will arrange the sounds sketched in the nature of the headlands and during my stay, and collect the sound material for the next album. At the same time, I will shoot footage every day and complete a sound and video work that resembles a diary.