An installation with sculptures connecting one wall to another.

Hongtao Zhou

Artist in Residence, 2019

A portrait of a person holding a model of city in front of their face.

Artist Statement

Our street is composed of many parallel spaces of different thinking. I am a traveler, trying to understand the spaces I am walking in and create meaningful space for the street. My art practice blends art, design, topography, engineering, and architecture to produce hybridized objects and installations. It is a process of collision and fusion, a process of learning and challenging, a process of taking risk into unknown worlds. My work respects the limitations imposed by function, aesthetics, material, and technology. I hope my audience will experience excitement and entertainment by standing on the lines.

While at Headlands

I am interested in developing my small-scale 3D printed textscape projects into larger scale land art, environmental installation, or art furniture so that they can have full-scale interactions with visitors. They might be large texts made by local materials carrying meanings and delivering visual mirage effects of mountains, waves, and architectures of San Francisco. Also, I love wood, paper, and many organic materials in my work. I hope to explore the possibilities of collaborations among sculpture, material exploration, visual art, architecture, and technology in the diversified residency community to produce conceptual work. There is nowhere else that can do so much influence to me than an interdisciplinary artist residency. I love to meet great artists and students from all over the world during lunch, coffee break, lectures, and exhibitions. I hope to learn, to collaborate, and to bring others to Shanghai to work and exhibit.