Holden Schultz

Graduate Fellowships, 2016
Mills College

Artist Statement

Deconstructing and repurposing outdated electronics and machines is essential to my practice. Imaging devices such as cameras, projectors, or scanners are constantly remade and redesigned leaving older devices to fade into the abyss. I make large format digital images with a custom camera fabricated with a document scanner, a light tight box, and a lens. Capturing movement in an unfamiliar way, the scanner photographs evoke visceral otherworldly sensations. Highlighted color fractures the image anywhere movement occurs between three separate exposures. Adopting a process used in early color photography and embracing the distortion of digital tools, this camera links an analog past to a rapidly evolving digital age. My work challenges notions of progress through technological advances, rendering a contemporary landscape though this hybrid process.

While At Headlands

I will explore the evolution and obsolescence of imaging devices while continuing to make images with my custom made scanner camera. The imagery and the inspiration for my work is most often derived from the natural landscape, making my time here extremely valuable. In my space at Headlands I look to find solitude, spending my time reading, making photographs, or deconstructing and repurposing electronics, while eagerly looking to engage with this arts community. I will embrace the geology this landscape has to offer, using hybrid technologies in concert with nature to render new visual data.