Fox Hysen

Tournesol Award, 2016 - 2017

Artist Statement

My work deals with the relationship between painting, digital technology, and photography. I try to assert the presence of object-hood in spite of images and technology. The deep proliferation of images through technology constitutes a shift in the role those images play. No longer are images something that represent or elicit “real life”; images are real life. Shifting back and forth between digital material and handmade objects feels appropriate to the times as a phenomenological exercise. A primary part of what is lost when we take an image of an artwork is scale. The approximation of the size of and presence of an art object in relationship to my body is impossible to feel through a photo, especially if that photo appears on a screen. My work bridges digital reality with physicality and scale. I think that painting is an exercise in being willfully anachronistic.

While At Headlands

While at Headlands I want to continue to experiment with making paintings, images, prints, and photographs, as well as to explore new material possibilities. I hope to use the larger space to grow the size of the experiments. My interest currently involves turning paintings into images, printing those images onto film, and using those images to make black and white analog photographs and photograms. I’m also interested in translating images of my own work into new oil paintings through a process of copying and reproduction. I hope to find holes in the idea of identity, time, progress, and technology. The lottery of meaning is an unfair game.