Forster Rudolph

Artist in Residence, 2018

Artist Statement

My work and exploration exists along the dividing line between visual art and architectural design.

Does an art object become sullied if it provides a basic function? Does the architectural environment fail if it doesn’t shelter? I intentionally explore this borderland between disciplines, believing the edges, overlaps, and contradictions to be especially fertile and productive territory.

While at Headlands

For my time at the Headlands I intend to develop several material and/or formal techniques for future use at an architectural scale. I will do so through the traditional architectural modes of drawing and modeling (both digital and hand), as well as 1:1 mockups. I also plan to use this unbounded opportunity to allow myself the freedom of straying outside these traditional modes should it seem prudent (or maybe if it doesn’t). My objective then is to not only develop new techniques, but to interrogate and explore novel approaches to developing technique.